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About CloseoutSpot.com

We provide great wholesale makeup from well known brands like Loreal, Maybelline, NYX , Milani and a few lower end or smaller niche brands that add value and reduce unit cost, if interested in the most variety in one order.

We stock many single style and category makeup options, but our focus has always been on complete orders for the best resale experience and end user satisfaction.

If you have not seen our Price List / Order Sheet, please check that out! You can now submit orders with the exact quantities you want from our spreadsheet.

We clean everything up if it comes in dirty and items are are inspected prior to shipping out to ensure you don’t hate us! If you have any customization requests, problems or shipping time concerns, please call or email.

 About Our Packages

Our packages are all authentic and each are available well under traditional wholesale pricing for the best profit margins on resale.

We do not sit on inventory and only purchase the newest lots available. Most packages require a 50 unit minimum, but phone orders can be less.


We founded our company to provide the highest value makeup packages.  #ValueMakeup #CloseoutSpot