(1 Time Deal) Maybelline and Loreal Lipsticks


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1 Time Deal: Maybelline and Loreal Lipsticks

This Temporary Lipsticks Only Lot Includes:

Multiple Colors (10+ different) of Maybelline and Loreal Lipsticks shades. This lot may include a lot of used/swatched or damaged lipsticks, but we are offering this lot at an unbelievable price.

There is no nail polish in this lot, get one while you can!


This is a one time deal. Receive only Maybelline and Loreal Lipsticks. These came in recently and are also in our mixed packages.

Please note, this lot has a large percentage of unsealed or even defects on the lip sticks from caps being put back on incorrectly, but we make sure to take out any items without caps. The damaged or used items work well for samples and freebies.

Only Maybelline and Loreal Lipsticks, No Nail Polish!

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