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International Shipments

All international shipping costs and possible customs fees are additional costs incurred to the customer.

Your complete order will be packaged in the smallest boxes possible, without nail polish for the lowest freight cost. We pay local freight cost toward your order!

Please check your country for importing regulations. We are not able to ensure you can receive makeup items or cosmetics shipped directly by USPS/UPS.

UPS/USPS Does Not Ship Makeup To:

Africa, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Jamaica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, Venezuela, Vietnam – Need a freight forwarder?

Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore – Direct Shipping Approved!

K9iRnyEceWe typically ship with USPS Priority Mail Service or UPS Worldwide Service (4-10 Day Transit), their delivery services are usually to your front door and include tracking!

Nail polish inclusive lots are not be exportable due to the nature of the solutions inside them and changing conditions of transporting via flight.

If your order requires extra attention, we will contact you as soon as possible or refund immediately if not able to ship it out.

All international orders must be Premium Makeup Lots or the Ultimate and Master Case Box. We will replace any nail polish with other products to avoid issues in transit!

International Pricing

The added fee is $55 for most 100 count makeup lots (12″x8″x6″ Box) and $75 for 200 count orders (12″x12″x8″ Box.)

The best international shipping rate is to order 300/400 total items without nail polish. We ship them together for $100 in one larger box using the local shipping costs to cover the difference and help lower your total price.

Order 3-400 premium items as stated above to get the best rate internationally in 1 larger (12″x12″x12″ or 16”x14”x10” Box.)

Customs forms are automatically generated by our system, we do not fill out or generate other invoices.

Country Specific


Canadian shipments are $45 extra for 100pc lots and $55 for most international 200pc wholesale makeup lots, slightly less.

We will invoice you after you order online and communicate well to help provide the best service and mix.


Shipments to all of Mexico are now possible! We have found a consistent and reliable freight forwarder that charges by dimensions not weight!

If you were looking to send orders to Mexico, please place your order. There are no restrictions on polish like most other International Shipments. This means you can order and send it without worry! Rates are similar to those mentioned above, sometimes less depending on where the shipment goes.

We will pack and then invoice your order after packing it into the proper box for the best rate. The local forwarder typically can delivery anywhere within 1 week and ultimately is delivered by other companies like Estafeta in Mexico but can be delivered by other similar agencies.

Box 12X12X12 Inches. Maximum Weight: 25 Lbs Price – $87

Box 14X14X14 Inches. Maximum Weight: 30 Lbs Price – $107

Box 16X16X16 Inches. Maximum Weight: 40 Lbs Price – $128

Box 18X18X18 Inches. Maximum Weight: 55 Lbs Price – $158