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Great Wholesale Makeup
With Or Without Nail Polish

Established and Popular US Brands
Authentic and Complete Packages


Superb Packaging Service

If Anything Breaks, We Fix It!

No Sellers Permit Required
Fast Free Shipping (USA)

International Shipping Help
Customization Available


Start By Selling To Your Friends / Family

A Great Way To Earn Extra Income

Your Trusted Wholesale Cosmetics Specialist

All The Best Brands, With The Highest Quality and Best Service


Our Master Case is customizable and the cleanest. It has a high percentage of shrink wrapped, large and valuable items.


The Ultimate Package has more variety than our master case, is less expensive, and the perfect way to buy great items from the best brands.


If you need the lowest price, you can get everything in our Master Case and Ultimate for under $1 each in the Premium Mixed Package with Jordana.

By Brand and One Time Deals

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Wholesale Makeup Distributors – Awesome Selection, Easy Resale

Incredible Value

Receive an Entire Portfolio of Makeup From Well Known US Brands and Smaller Very Popular Brands.

Quick F.A.Q’s

No sellers permit required or account needed to buy! Tax is charged for California shipments ONLY.


We ship locally and international. Local freight cost is credited to international cost.